Tickling Salmon

Making and Selling Photographic Fine Art in Vancouver

Making It!

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In this follow-up to his earlier Artist Survival Skills, Chris Tyrell interviews twenty artists to find out what specific and distinctive things they did to launch and build their careers.


  1. Inter-Personal Sales (Rachael Ashe, Leanne Christie, Sonja H├ębert, Mary-Ann Tateishi, Richard Tetrault)
  2. Etsy.com (Shaun O’Hagan)
  3. Blogging (Leslie Redhead)
  4. Online Marketing (Rachael Ashe, Kristine Paton)
  5. Artist Residencies (Jude Griebel)
  6. Renting a Studio (Madeleine Wood)
  7. Art Auctions (Gary Sim)
  8. Corporate Sponsorship (Davyd Oram)
  9. Selling Reproduction Rights (Joyce Kamikura)
  10. Partnering (Lee Bacchus)
  11. Changing Mediums (Ross Penhall)
  12. Niche Marketing (Mariana Bychkova)
  13. Public Art (Richard Tetrault)
  14. Transforming Adversity (Tiko Kerr)
  15. Commercial Galleries (Kitty Blandy, Marcus Bowcott, Tiko Kerr, Val Nelson)

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